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Jim Rudnick

James M.  Rudnick was born in New York and moved to south Florida when he was a child.  He moved to Tallahassee, Florida in 1975 to attend Florida State University and has since made it his hometown.  He graduated from FSU in 1978 with a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and began working at the Department of Education as an Internal Auditor.  While raising two children in Tallahassee, Mr. Rudnick began his entrepreneurial career in 1985 when he started Alliance Title Insurance Company. 


Soon after starting Alliance Title, Mr. Rudnick started Rudnick Development, a commercial real estate development firm.  Through various acquisitions in the 1980’s and 1990’s, Rudnick Development grew.  Eventually, Mr. Rudnick sold Alliance Title and turned his focus to buying, leasing, and selling commercial real estate full time.  He has been apart of development projects all over the United States including Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, North Carolina, Ohio, Illinois, New York, California, Arizona, and Texas.


Rudnick Development’s most recent real estate ventures include apartment housing developments, renovations from apartments to luxury condominiums, the development of call centers across the country, and residential lot development.  Meanwhile, the company remains relevant in the local commercial real estate market through continued acquisition and development of commercial real estate properties.


With over thirty years of experience in the commercial real estate business, Jim Rudnick of Rudnick Development is a well-respected player in the commercial real estate market.  He has a keen sense of changing trends and is not afraid to adapt to the varying needs of a growing sector of our economy.

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